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Standard Pallet Covers: Provides protection from rain, dust and general contamination.

Shrink Pallet Covers: Eliminates the need for pallet wrap. Securing your goods to the pallet and providing superior protection against damage, theft and the elements.

UVI Pallet Covers: UV additive stops ultra violet light from breaking down the pallet cover allowing goods to be stored outside for extended periods of time.

Degradable Pallet Covers: All of our products can be made using a degradable additive which speeds up the oxidation process allowing the polythene to become brittle and degrade.

Printed Covers: We are able to print on most pallet covers if you require printing please email sales and someone will contact you to discuss your requirements.

General information: All of our pallet covers and top sheets can be made in any colour you require.

We can supply the products either loose in a box or on tear off rolls for ease of use.

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