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Pallet Covers - Manufactured by Polystar Plastics Ltd a leading producer of top sheets and pallet covers in the UK.

Polythene pallet covers offer a quick easy and economical solution for protecting your palletised goods from damage, dust, rain and other contamination during storage and transportation.

We produce a wide range of pallet covers to fit most products. If you are not sure which size cover you require please fill in the form provided and we will find the ideal cover for your requirements.

Pallet covers and top sheets can be manufactured in various colours and materials enabling us to manufacture the right pallet cover for your application.

All of our pallet covers are made to order in the UK allowing us to provide the right product with a quick turn around.

Types of pallet cover

Standard Pallet Covers: Ideal for storing your goods in industrial warehouses to protect your goods from dust, dirt and damage.

Shrink Pallet Covers: Heat shrink pallet covers provide superior protection against dust and moisture while sucuring your goods to the pallet eliminating the need for pallet wrap while providing added protection from damage.

UVI Pallet Covers: The Ultra Violet Inhibitor additive prolongs the life of the covers when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. The perfect solution for goods being stored outside for long periods of time while protecting against the elements.

Anti Static Pallet Covers: Ideal for protecting electrical goods during transport the anti static additive prevents static electricity build-up in the polythene.

Degradable Pallet Covers: A more environmentally friendly option. Our oxo - degradable covers will break down after exposure to sunlight or prolonged exposure to heat. Please see our degradable site for more information.

Top Sheets and Slip Sheets

We also manufacture top sheets and

Slip sheets / Bottom sheets: to stop your goods from coming in direct contact with the pallet. We are able to manufacture sheets to suit almost any size pallet so please email sales with your requirements and some one will get back to you shortly.

Top Sheets: A cheaper alternative to pallet covers top sheets are used in conjunction with pallet wrap to quickly cover the top of the pallet providing protection from moisture and tampering.

Furniture  Covers

We produce covers for the funiture industry such as:

Chair bags

2 seater sofa covers

3 seater sofa covers

Bespoke furniture covers

All can be printed with a printed warning notice and/or your company logo.

Mattress Covers and Base Covers

3ft mattress covers (single)

3ft base covers (single)

4ft 6" mattress covers (double)

4ft 6" base covers (double)

4ft 6" split base covers (double)

5ft mattress covers (double)

We can also manufacture custom covers to suit your requirements.

All mattress and base covers can be printed.

Other Covers

We also manufacture a large range of dust covers and sheets of various thicknesses and sizes to suit most applications.

Not sure which size you need?

Simply enter your pallet dimensions and any additional information into the form provided and we will find the best cover for your application.

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